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Cyntaxic Framework

The Cyntaxic framework is the ActionScript 3 MVC framework that follows 
the KIASS principal. It was made to address everyday coding while keeping it simple. Cyntaxic is free and open source for the people of this fine planet.

MVC for You and Me

There are other frameworks out there that
claim to be simple. Based on their claims, you download the framework and start looking through the documentation. After spending hours struggling, you start to see that it isn't simple for you.

The applications that you build don't need to be massive engineering marvels, but they need to be more sophisticated than gotoAndStop. If this sounds familiar, than Cyntaxic is the framework for you. Cyntaxic was designed with the programming middle class in mind.

Demo Applications Made with Cyntaxic

Some Cyntaxic Features You May Like

  • Built in Debugger

    Built in Debugger

    The built in debugger along with the describe method makes trace output configurable and readable. Because it is outputted in JSON, object description output is portable.

  • CynViewProxy Class

    CynViewProxy Class

    The CynViewProxy class allows the Cyntaxic framework to work well with Flex and any other class that cannot extend the CynComposite or CynComponent classes.

  • Static Reference

    Static Reference

    The Cyntaxic base class gives static reference to commonly used objects like root, the stage object and FlashVars. Additionally, the model and the controller can be accessed statically.

  • Reduced Abstraction

    Reduced Abstraction

    The levels of abstraction between you and what is actually going on in the code is reduced. Cyntaxic works in a way where no proxies or mediators need to be created.

  • Works Well with Graphics

    Works Well with Graphics

    Cyntaxic is designed to work well with graphical library assets with its chainable init method that can be used to function like a constructor for library assets that extend a code class.

  • Cyntaxic Value Object

    Cyntaxic Value Object

    Cyntaxic uses a strongly typed value object called the CyntaxicVO for all data transmission. It has features such as a describe method and dynamic data appending.